Tadelakt literally means to massage or rub in.
This refers to the circular movement of the special stone on the still wet Tadelakt work surface. Thereafter, olive soap is rubbed in which is greatly improving the waterproofing quality of the Tadelakt.

Tadelakt is a lime plaster and it is considered the most royal of limes. Its origins lie in Morocco, specifically the Marrakech area where it was used in palaces to store and transport water. Over the years, the technique itself, as well as the decorative aspects of it, was refined, leading to a broader use of the material, for example, in riads and hammams, where, it has proved its durability and has never lost its magnificent look.
Tadelakt is an ancient water-resistant lime plaster, which can be used for interiors and exteriors, as well as on all kinds of decorative objects (frames, lamps etc.) and furniture. Because of the impregnable nature of tadelakt, it is perfect for the kitchen and bathroom, e.g. as a final layer for baths and shower areas.

Tadelakt is applied with a trowel in layers ranging in thickness from 3 to 5mm; afterwards it is polished with a hard flat stone. Final treatment is with a natural olive soap, which is absorbed by the Tadelakt and closes the pores inside the lime.  In order to keep it in perfect condition, it needs to be treated regularly with olive soap. This soap should be used for cleaning Tadelakt instead of regular cleaning products.
There are many advantages of this glamorous material. First of all, walls covered by tadelakt are damp-open, thus creating a healthy living environment. Secondly, it can cover large areas without having to use grouting. That creates a unique water durable surface without the need for mortar joints as with tiled walls.  Due to the nature of the material, hairline cracks are more visible when the surface is wet.
Tadelakt brings a luxurious feeling into your home. It is attractive to the eye and inviting to touch.