Clay stucco Listro

This is similar to an old plastering technique called stucco Venetiano.

Listro means shine.

It is an ecological stucco product made mainly of clay, lime, cellulose, starch and water.
Depending on the quality of the wall, it's usually enough to apply 2 or 3 layers. During the application of the first layer a delicate design structure with depth is already achieved. It dries within a couple of hours and when polished with a plastic trowel or tadelakt stone, its full shine is exposed. 

It is available in 8 base colours. To achieve different ranges of colours, it has to be mixed with pigments.
Lustro can be applied on walls made of gypsum, lime plaster, latex paint and also on wood, Masonite or MDF e.g. furniture. A dry, stable, absorbent surface is needed.
In case of brief contact with water, a wax layer can be used as a protection.